Building stories.

We believe that each of our lives are a collection of stories.

We also believe that a home is far more than the engineering of its construction or a transaction between client and builder. Home is the setting of the mundane moments, the insane moments, and the unforgettable moments. Home is the backdrop of our lives, where our stories are born and live. At Jim Scott and Sons we do not simply build homes, we build stories.

With over 45 years of building experience under our belt, we are excellent at our craft. But the way we see it, excellence in building science and seamless execution are only prerequisites for our industry. We aim to raise the bar for our clients by giving them a meaningful experience that lasts a life time.

Our philosophy for building your future home starts with singular focus on your story, your family and creating your vision. In doing so, we work together to build something more than a house. We create a home where your stories can live and thrive.

We understand that for our clients, few life adventures will be more personal to them then the investment of building the home of their dreams. This is why for almost 50 years we have built more than dream homes. We build stories.


Their stories.

A home is far more than a transaction between a client and a builder.

People over profit. Excellence no matter the cost. Our portfolio speaks for itself and our clients have nice things to say about us.


Our story.

In 1974, James Russell Scott graduated from Southern Methodist University and joined his family in the real estate profession. A few years into his career he began to dream about the possibility of building the homes that he sold. And then he went and did just that. He conceptualized and constructed a series of town homes in Highland Park and instantly fell in love with the building industry. It was more than a career to him; it was a calling. 

Jim Scott wanted to build more than homes, and he did. He spent his building career creating spaces for memories to be made and life to be lived. He raised his sons with this same passion and thanks to them, his career has become a legacy that will outlive him by generations.

Today, Jim Scott and Sons Builders is living in his legacy.

Now with almost 50 years of homes in the company’s portfolio, Peter and Daniel Scott are leading a company built by a young entrepreneur who focused more on people than the bottom line.


Your story.

When you envision your home, what do you see? Maybe it’s your kids sliding down wood floor hallways, your front staircase adorned by garlands at Christmas, or maybe it’s you sipping a cold beer in an epic outdoor entertaining space. Whatever your vision may be, the time has come to make it a reality.

Now it’s time for us to get to know you. Kindly take a few minutes to give us details on your building needs, questions and desires.


Let’ talk.






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